See, I’m working hard!   2 comments

Our culture values earning an income and validates our personhood based on our employment. While I am between jobs, I can stay busy all day at home and still somehow feel devalued because I am not getting paid for whatever I am doing. Although I don’t theologically (intellectually) agree that my self worth is based on my accomplishments, my feelings are very slow to agree, and trying to bulk up my feeling of self worth by staying busy undercuts that growth. I spent my whole life trying to earn my worth by working hard (for God), and it is a slow, scary, complex process to get emotionally free of that web of deceit.


Posted March 12, 2010 by janathangrace in Uncategorized

2 responses to “See, I’m working hard!

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  1. Now that’s more like it! You’re approaching scandalous. And it’s good to see/read.Enjoy your home, enjoy your wife, enjoy your view, enjoy your life.David

  2. David which?

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