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Last night L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains gave me a going away party. I have been working on and off for them the last month to help get things up to a good operating level for the new fellow taking charge. They are participating in lent with soup and bread on Tuesday nights, so it was a simple meal. They gave me a memory album of photos of L’Arche and prayed the L’Arche farewell blessing over me (which is really beautiful… I will have to get a copy and share it here). Another L’Arche assistant who has been there only a few months suddenly decided last week to quit, so they lumped his goodbye in with mine. I was not asked about this, and no one even told me this was going to happen, so when I saw what was happening, I felt resentful, expecting that my special time to connect nostalgically with my friends was being usurped. But it worked out well in the end. I may offer my services temporarily as an assistant (a direct care giver) since they are currently short-staffed. The director suggested that if the job for which I am applying does not work out, he might offer me a position as development director, which would not be my dream job, but would keep food on the table.


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