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So we are sitting Saturday afternoon in our living room and see an ambulance go by (our street is three blocks long).  I went outside and saw the EMT vehicle and two cop cars two doors down.  The neighbor told me that the woman sitting on his door step had knocked on his door covered with blood and asked to be driven home.  She had apparently walked through the woods after stabbing a man who pulled a gun on her in a house one street over.  My guess is that she came from the trailer park that is off the main road one street over.  This is so bizarre after the woman who was murdered 7 houses down!  We have such a quiet middle class street!


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  1. “Oh no, sir. It isn’t my blood; I just stabbed someone. Can you give me a lift home please?” LOLShe brought a knife to a gunfight and lived? That is kinda hot, if you ask me.

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