The L’Arche Farewell Blessing   Leave a comment

(Have someone appointed to touch each appropriate area as different people read the blessing for that area)

FOREHEAD: May you have keen insights and think clearly. May your thoughts be kind and wise.

EARS : May you hear the affirmations of friends and family, and listen to the Voice of God telling you that you are loved.

EYES: May you see God’s grace in your life, and may you have the inner vision to see more clearly the path that is yours.

MOUTH: May you speak with love, be true to who you are, and make your needs known.

NOSE: As you take in air and let out air, may you be reminded of the cycle of life with its dying and rising, its emptying and filling. May your life come to peace with each phase.

HANDS: May you use your hands to touch all of life with reverence and gratitude, and may you receive the gentle touch of those who reach out to you.

SKIN: May you learn to protect your body’s natural boundaries, treat it well, and accept it’s limitations with grace.

HEART: May you develop awareness of what stirs deep within you, and remain open to love and grace that is offered to you.

FEET: As you travel through the many ups and downs of life, may all the places your feet take you lead you to greater transformation and inner freedom.

ALL: May the shelter of God embrace you.
May the dance of God play in you.
May the peace of God be with you. Amen.


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