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“Our suffering itself may become a form of prayer, if we can learn to let submission and love, even praise, ascend to God through it.  It is a wonderful and awesome thing when in the grip of severe pain or sorrow to look up into the face of God and say: “I bring You this–now; accept it for the sake of the Lord Jesus.”  It may not be the sacrifice we would choose to bring, but if pain is what God has given us, and pain is all we have, we may offer it up to Him as a sacrifice of praise and He will both accept it and hallow it.  Such an offering may be one of the purest forms of worship known to the spirit of man.”  Margaret Clarkson


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2 responses to “Suffering

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  1. this is incredibly beautiful! It moves me to tears it is so profound and moving. thank you for finding and posting thisloveMardi

  2. Thank you for your regular appreciation and affirmation.  I never thought about it before, but perhaps suffering itself is a calling in some mysterious way, and simply receiving it is a person’s primary contribution and blessing to this old, sad world.  Perhaps suffering is a sacrament, a unique connection of intimacy with God.  Perhaps those who suffer much find a corner of God’s heart that others cannot know.

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