A Few Grams of Grace   2 comments

I’m not very good at grace, either receiving it or giving it.  My wife and I took the last name “Grace,” because we wanted it to be the foundation of our personal lives and relationships–but it will always be more of a goal than a descriptor.  Some months back, I read some excerpts from my self-published book “Overwhelmed by Grace” that lay untouched for several years.  I authored it while restructuring my whole worldview, which had been dashed to bits by a tidalwave of truth.  Grace was still fairly theoretical and cognitive for me at that time… it had not sifted down into my way of being and perceiving and sharing.  In retrospect, my book on grace seems to be more stark and challenging than gracious in presentation, revealing the battle I was waging inside myself.  I have grown into grace so much more since then, and a great deal of the credit goes to my wife, Kimberly, but grace still struggles to gain ascendance in my soul.  It is such a very long and arduous journey, and progress seems so slow.  I lose patience and want to force myself to grow faster, but grace has its own pace and rhythm and cannot be hurried without tainting its nature.  Patience with myself (and with God) is one of the toughest lessons of grace to embrace, especially in the face of others’ impatience.  In spite of its reputation, grace has not come easy for me–not easy, but richly rewarding.  So I am deeply grateful for every bit that has found its way into my life.


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2 responses to “A Few Grams of Grace

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  1. What an insightful statement: “it will always be more of a goal than a descriptor.” That’s the way I see a number of the character issues in my life. I’m not where I’d like to be, but by God’s grace I set those beautiful attributes in my sights and aim toward them. I may not ever become them, and I may move the opposite direction at times, yet I look toward them and hope/pray/dream that I can reflect them some times and in some ways.With that thought, “Looking unto Jesus” comes to mind.

  2. I hope you can fully receive God’s complete acceptance of you now, as you are, so that your growth springs from the freedom and joy of grace and not an urgency and drivenness which hints of law.  I struggle with that myself.  Grace to you friend.

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