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So, I haven’t posted for a while.  Kimberly is away in New York leading a retreat for L’Arche members.  I’m looking for a second job.  I have an interview this Thursday which looks quite promising, a weekend supervisory role.  While Kimberly is gone, I’m trying to get a few things done with which to surprise her.  Primarily painting the living room a color we agreed on.  Finding a close color match has not been as smooth as I expected, so I hope she is okay with the shade.  I know she will appreciate not experiencing the fumes and mess that the painting will create.

I conducted the wedding for my sister-in-law and husband weekend before last.  It was the first time I met many of my extended family in-laws.  I have a new appreciation for destination weddings (this one in Fort Myers, FL).  Spending several days with in-laws can create the basis for much quicker assimilation.  As I told everyone, this was the first time I felt I was part of the family instead of part of Kimberly’s family.  It felt good (though a little stressful to conduct a wedding for an in-law… if it goes badly… which thankfully it didn’t).  I did manage to screw up the new name of the couple when I presented them after the kiss, but everyone seemed to be okay with that… after all, a beach wedding tends to be more casual (it was the first time I ever wore a suit in bare feet!)  Lots of cameras and lots of photos and video.  But I’m having trouble downloading them.  I’ll try again later.



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