When Nothing is Everything   2 comments

The status quo is just another word for complacency or resignation in my book, it stinks of the stocks.  For me, hope is tied to change, so when progress is blocked I despond.  I don’t go down easily–I have always been a fighter–but I crippled my emotional resources fighting for the wrong end with the wrong means, and since I crawled from the field of battle, my rehabilitation seems to have no end.  I’ve been working on my recovery for over a decade.  At this rate, my convalescent home will become my retirement home; my life’s purpose has drained off like water from a cracked barrel.  How do I celebrate Christmas on crutch and braces?  What gift can I bring to God?  I have nothing, nothing but a broken heart.  What I have, I give.

“A broken and contrite heart you will not despise.”


Posted December 9, 2013 by janathangrace in Personal

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2 responses to “When Nothing is Everything

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  1. I love this one. I love you. This is so hard, isn’t it? But I feel the foundation under us…stronger than ever. Our embrace of uncertainty has been a terrible gift. Our faith has grown indescribably.

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