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Sadness and pain have been oozing from my heart for a week or more.  I don’t know its source, so I can’t seek a cure. Even taking a walk, which usually does me good, has not staunched the ache.   Yesterday I shuffled into the kitchen, and it struck me in the gut like a knife… one moment I am thinking about lunch, and the next I am cringing.  Something I saw out of the corner of my soul, perhaps the flash of some failure past that stings my feelings but does not register conscious thoughts for me to confront and fight. When the edges of the cut are raw, the slightest touch can shock the nerves.  It will eventually lift, but for now I stagger along, looking for any little cubbyhole to tuck my soul into for a brief respite.hiding


Posted February 1, 2014 by janathangrace in Personal

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