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I came to work early today so the daytime librarians could scoot home ahead of the snow that is now piling up on my car.  Having lived in Asheville, NC for 4 years and Chicago for 6, I know how to get around well enough in the snow–it’s ice that’s the real menace.  That and southern drivers.  But by the time I leave late tonight there won’t be much else on the road.  This town closes down by 10 p.m., even on weekends.  If you want a midnight snack, you have to settle for Sheetz gas station.

All the students seem to be taking the night off, building snowmen or huddled in their rooms I guess, since nobody’s here.  The snow outside is beautiful, clumping onto bushes and drifting against the porch’s classic pillars, turning everything white and pure.  I love snow, the single pleasure of winter weather, and we’re expecting more than a foot.  Our dog Mazie will have great fun bouncing through it tomorrow.


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