I just turned 54, “just” as in 40 minutes ago.  It is an inconsequential number, unlike 13 or 18 or 65.  It marks no life transitions or significant mileposts. If I’m asked my age two weeks from now, I’ll have to stop and think, maybe have to add up the decades–who remembers 54?  And yet it is these unremarkable years that slowly add up to make me who I am.  A stone is just a stone… until it is carved and shaped into a beautiful statue.  For each of us, God has a glorious end.  Don’t judge the artwork based on a single stroke of the chisel.


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  1. Janathan,
    As we age, each year it seems we have more and more to reflect upon. I hope you feel good about your expanded base on which to reflect. Young enough to still have inspiration and old enough to understand reflection. Hang on to that chisel, there is much more to come. Best wishes for a birthday filled with both inspiration and the joy of reflection.

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