I’m wanting to reach out, share, connect with you tonight, but I have nothing in particular to say.  I have stacks of thoughts… quite literally, but none of them inspire me tonight.  I feel quiet, ready, in tune, but no thoughts come.  Perhaps it is your turn to share with me.  Is anything on your heart–any grief or challenge, any joy or hope, any insight or doubt?  I welcome with open heart your thoughts.


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  1. I’ve been that way especially this week. I’m in reflection mode. I just hope I don’t get lost in the mirror.
    Be encouraged. Papa is in those quiet moments. It’s okay to not know what to say.
    We don’t always have to have the answers to everything or even a thought towards everything.
    Just a simple reflection is good with Him too.
    He invites us to watch the sunset with Him to just spend time with Him not needing to say a word.
    I think it is in those moments where we find our greatest revelations that become applications so that we can inspire others as we change the world somehow.

    • Thanks for sharing! Yes, I find it difficult to relax with God if I have anything in my soul that feels unresolved. I feel like I need to be working on whatever it is that is troubling me, but I have discovered that I often can’t make headway. It’s not time, perhaps. And what I need to learn is how to be okay with not being okay and knowing why and not needing to fix it. To really believe that God is okay with my not being okay. Surely the person who controls time must be the most patient of all, but I forget that. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I am hopeful for another day of victory in the battle for purity. Thankful the Lord has been drawing me to HImself in ways I haven’t experienced in a long time, yet feeling anxious about the future, job/ministry direction and longing to move into a job that has meaning and doesn’t lead to greater isolation and discouragement. May I learn to rest in the Lord daily despite the circumstances that come….

    • Thanks for sharing, Brett. I have struggled deep and long over finding a job that has eternal meaning. I have finally become okay with having a job that provides food and shelter and am still trying to learn what it means to bring my eternal meaning with me to that job. I do hope you can find some context in which you can make important interpersonal connections. It seems almost impossible to escape discouragement when we feel isolated. I do wish for you some good friends, Brett. thanks for sharing.

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